Tenoveraloa: intercepted 5 times in training due to active long pass

On the opening day of the Dolphins’ mini training camp on Tuesday, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was “eye-catching” and was intercepted 5 times.

This data is naturally not ideal, but Tenoveraloa said that being intercepted is only related to his attempts to be more active in training.

“This is just one of our priorities. On the first day of the mini training camp, we must actively attack and pass the ball to the frontcourt.” Tenovaloa said, “Caution is of course important, but the only time that allows you to make mistakes is Now. We will think about how to make up for the current problem, how to pass the ball in the defensive space, and continue to learn in the projection room.”

A similar story happened two years ago in the 2019 49ers training camp, when Jimmy Garoppolo was intercepted for 5 consecutive passes. This was just training after all, and it did not prevent the 49ers from reaching the Super Bowl.

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