Pirates wide receiver Brown banned for 3 games for violating new crown regulations

On Thursday, US time, the NFL officially announced that the Pirates wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) will be suspended for three games for violating the NFL-NFLPA new crown regulations.

An investigation by the league and the players union showed that Brown was one of three players who had not correctly reported their vaccination status. Also suspended for three games are the Pirates’ substitute security guard Mike Edwards (Mike Edwards), and the wide receiver John Franklin III (John Franklin III) who was abandoned by the Pirates in August.

The two pirate players can return as early as 12.26 against the Panthers. Earlier, according to ESPN reporters, Brown was basically determined to miss the next two games due to an ankle and heel injury. Edworth can play safety guards and five-point guards, caused a drop in the game last week, and completed 3 steals this season.

Brown has been absent due to injury since the fifth week of the game. He completed 29 catches, advanced 418 yards and four touchdowns in the games he played.

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