Texans lay off running back Philip Lindsay

On Tuesday, US time, the Texans gave up running back Phillip Lindsay. If unclaimed, Lindsey will become a free agent.

The Texans signed a one-year contract with Lindsay in March this year, with a contract salary of US$3.25 million, including a security deposit of US$1 million. Lindsay rushed the ball 50 times this season, advancing 130 yards, and one touchdown. He only rushed the ball once in Sunday’s 22-13 win against the Titans and lost 3 yards.

The Texans traded Mark Ingram to the Saints last month. The current running back lineup also includes David Johnson, Rex Burkhead and Royce. -Freeman (Royce Freeman).

Lindsay initially played for the Broncos, rushing for more than 1,000 yards in the first two seasons of his career. During the three years of the Mustangs, Lindsay rushed for 2,550 yards and 17 touchdowns.

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Falcon boss Blanc: Disappointed at Jones’ request for a deal

Former Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (Julio Jones) asked the team to trade themselves in this off-season, and finally got what he wanted. When the trade request was first heard, Falcon owner Arthur Blank was very disappointed.

Jones said in an interview on Thursday: “I think what I care most about is that he expresses his willingness to be traded. As you know, we have been together for ten years, and I think this relationship is very good.”

“He is a Hall of Fame player. I am disappointed that he wants to think so. I’m not sure what the reason is. After all, I haven’t been able to communicate with him personally. I have tried it, but he is firm in his thinking and has made changes. Prepare.”

Jones then traded to the Titans with a 2023 six-round pick, and the other side’s bargaining chips are the 2022 second-round pick and the 2023 four-round pick. During his time with the Falcons, he received 848 times, advanced 12,896 yards and 63 touchdowns. Jones averaged 95.5 yards per game, ranking first in NFL history and nearly 10 yards higher than second-ranked Calvin Johnson.

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Tigers quarterback Burrow has a high probability of not participating in the preseason

Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow (Joe Burrow) has finally made a full recovery recently and can participate in rugby training. But the Tigers hope to treat this cornerstone quarterback with caution, and don’t want to rush for success at the risk of recurring knee injuries.

Tigers owner and chairman Mike Brown (Mike Brown) said that Burrow will not participate in the Tigers’ three preseason games with a high probability.

“We shouldn’t let him play before the start of the regular season because we don’t want to let him take risks.” Brown told reporters, “but his performance in recovery is worth an A+ rating.”

Burrow is the No. 1 pick in 2020. He tore multiple ligaments in his left knee during the 11.22 game against Washington last year. In early December, Burrow underwent knee surgery to repair his injury. In his rookie season, Burrow started 10 games, with a pass completion rate of 65.3%, passing 2688 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions.

Tigers coach Zac Taylor (Zac Taylor) did not give a clear timetable, but he said that the team will observe the pineapple injuries every week and strive to make progress in the training camp.

Cowboys running back Elliott targets to reduce ball conversion errors

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Ezekiel Elliott does not want to repeat the performance of the 2020 season.

In order to reduce the various mistakes that occurred last season, Elliott focused on maintaining his physique off-season, reducing his weight to 218 pounds in order to improve speed, which is ten pounds lower than the data currently recorded on the NFL official website.

Another training goal of the off-season is to improve the protection of the ball. Elliott dropped a total of 6 goals last season, unfortunately “up” this data to a career high.

Elliott said: “The first one is not to drop the ball. I have never been a professional drop ball. You carry the hope of the team, the club and the fans when you drive the ball. Give the opportunity to another team. The team’s words are to disappoint everyone. So I think this is the number one, and my focus this year is to protect the ball.”

If Elliott can ensure his current physique and achieve his training goals, he must also help the cowboys improve last year’s record (6-10).