Cowboys quarterback Prescott: failed to contribute the best performance

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (Dak Prescott) doesn’t think he’s sick.

“I am completely healthy, 100% healthy. But thank you for your concern.” Prescott said, “But I know that I have not contributed my best performance. I have not done so recently. I have also made some wrong decisions. You can say that .”

After returning from injury, Prescott played in a total of 6 games, during which time he passed 8 touchdowns and was intercepted 6 times.

“I wouldn’t say that this is a decline in ability, but I really did not meet my own standards. Playing in high-level competitive sports will be like this. I am glad that people still have the same high expectations for my performance as me.”

In the six games before the injury, Prescott passed the ball 16 times and was intercepted only 4 times. In order to return to the level at the time, Prescott thought he needed more training. He teamed up with wide receivers Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup. Michael Gallup) trained on the passing route and timing.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott also disagrees with the “recession” statement: “There are 11 people on the field, and everything cannot be attributed to a certain player. 11 people have to work hard to complete the offense. . I think our entire offensive team needs to do better.”

The 2022 season NFL salary cap will be 208.2 million US dollars

US time on Tuesday, according to NFL Network reporters, the 2022 season NFL salary space will increase to 208.2 million US dollars. This is also the largest amount agreed by the NFL and the Players Union in May.

The salary space for the 2020 season is 198.2 million U.S. dollars. Due to the new crown epidemic, the salary space for the 2021 season will not increase but will drop to 182.5 million U.S. dollars. Most teams have to deal with contract issues again. Many veteran free agents are also more willing to sign a one-year short contract, so that they can make better use of the opportunity of increased salary space in the 2022 season.

Before the epidemic, the NFL’s salary cap increased by approximately $10-12 million per year.

NFL Network reporters had reported the increase in the salary cap a week ago, and the salary cap is expected to continue to rise in 2023.

Titans activate wide receiver Julio Jones

US time on Saturday, according to ESPN reports, the Titans will receive wide receiver Julio Jones (Julio Jones) from the injury reserve list, which means that he will play this week against the Jaguars.

Jones suffered a hamstring injury in the third week and missed the next two games. He sprained a hamstring during training last month, so he was added to the injury reserve list. Jones played for the Titans last time, going back to the ninth week of 28-16 victory over the Rams.

Jones returned to training on Monday and immediately began to run in with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill said on Wednesday: “We haven’t passed training together for a while. These trainings are very important, and we also got some opportunities on Monday. I look forward to seeing him return to the field and complete the offense. The current effect is good.”

Jones completed 21 catches this season and advanced 336 yards.

Texans lay off linebacker Zach Cunningham

On Wednesday, US time, Texans coach David Culley (David Culley) confirmed that the team has given up linebacker Zach Cunningham (Zach Cunningham).

Cunningham was suspended for one game last week for being late for the new crown test. This is the second time he has been punished for violating team rules this season.

Cali said: “We have our own standards, and he has not always met them. I think I made the best decision for the team. This is about the team, not the individual.”

Cunningham was a 2017 second-round pick and will renew his 4-year $58 million contract with the team in 2020. Cunningham has completed 67 tackles this season and forced a drop once. If a team chooses to claim Cunningham, the Texans can save $275,000 in salary space. At present, they have determined that what they need to bear is US$5.5 million this year and US$12.8 million in dead money next year.

Panthers fires offensive coordinator Joe Brady

On Sunday, US time, the Panthers officially announced the firing of offensive coordinator Joe Brady. Coach Matt Rhule said in a statement that he had interviewed Brady on Sunday morning.

“I am very grateful to him for the time and energy he has invested in building the team in the past year and a half.” Lu said.

Senior offensive assistant Jeff Nixon (Jeff Nixon) will serve as offensive coordinator for the rest of the season. The Panthers have a bye this week and are currently averaging 308.7 yards per game this season, ranking 28th in the league and 23rd in the league in scoring 19.7.

Lu once said in October that he would continue to let Brady be the offensive coordinator, but hoped that he would work harder in rushing the ball. But Brady ultimately failed to satisfy Lu’s desire to rush the ball at least 30 times per game.

The Panthers started the season 3-0, but only 2 wins since then, with a current record of 5-7. Head running back Christian McCaffrey (Christian McCaffrey) has been reimbursed for the season, and the starting quarterback has also changed three.

Raiders tight end Darren Waller confirmed to be absent from this week’s game

After being listed as suspect in the game on Friday, the Raiders close end Darren Waller (Darren Waller) was determined to be absent from this week’s game on Saturday.

Waller injured his back and left knee in the Thanksgiving victory over the Cowboys and missed the second half of the game. This season Waller contributed 53 catches, advanced 643 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Waller completed 107 catches last season, setting a record in team history.

Waller had previously missed the seventh week of the game due to an ankle injury. Foster Moreau (Foster Moreau) played in his place, contributing 6 catches, advancing 60 yards, and a touchdown.

Raiders acting coach Rich Bisaccia (Rich Bisaccia) said: “We have experienced this twice. Waller also missed a game before. It was Foster who stood up and complemented Greg O. The game plan for Greg Olson (offensive coordinator)… We are also prepared this week.”

Moreau is the Raiders’ 2019 four-round pick and has completed 10 touchdowns in 40 games in his career.

Pirates wide receiver Brown banned for 3 games for violating new crown regulations

On Thursday, US time, the NFL officially announced that the Pirates wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) will be suspended for three games for violating the NFL-NFLPA new crown regulations.

An investigation by the league and the players union showed that Brown was one of three players who had not correctly reported their vaccination status. Also suspended for three games are the Pirates’ substitute security guard Mike Edwards (Mike Edwards), and the wide receiver John Franklin III (John Franklin III) who was abandoned by the Pirates in August.

The two pirate players can return as early as 12.26 against the Panthers. Earlier, according to ESPN reporters, Brown was basically determined to miss the next two games due to an ankle and heel injury. Edworth can play safety guards and five-point guards, caused a drop in the game last week, and completed 3 steals this season.

Brown has been absent due to injury since the fifth week of the game. He completed 29 catches, advanced 418 yards and four touchdowns in the games he played.

Vikings running back Darwin Cooke dislocated shoulder

US time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook (Dalvin Cook) dislocated his shoulder in Sunday’s loss to the 49ers.

The team is still not sure how long Cook will be absent. If the time exceeds three weeks, the team may add Cooke to the injury reserve list.

Cook was injured in the third quarter of the game, was driven off the field by a medical vehicle, and missed the next game. He was tackled by defensive tackle Kevin Givens (Kevin Givens) and fell to the ground, and immediately grabbed his chest with his right hand. When the medical staff dealt with Cook urgently, the players of the Vikings and the 49ers were kneeling on one knee beside them, praying for them.

Before leaving the field, Cook rushed the ball 10 times for 39 yards, and also completed 6 catches for 64 yards. Substitute running back Alexander-Madison (Alexander Mattison) played after the game.

Steelers cornerback Joe Hayden and others will be absent from this week’s game

On Saturday, US time, Steelers cornerback Joe Haden (Joe Haden) is determined to be absent from this week’s game. Tight end Eric Ebron and center/guard JC Hassenauer (JC Hassenauer) ) Was added to the injury reserve list.

Ibron suffered a knee injury in the game against the Lightning last week and required surgery and will be absent for a while. Ibron started this season with rookie close end Pat Freiermuth (Pat Freiermuth). There are not many opportunities this season. He has only completed 12 catches, advanced 84 yards, received touchdowns and rushed the ball. Once in each array.

Hayden suffered a foot injury in the 11th week of the game. This is already the second game he has missed. Cornerback James-Pierre (James Pierre) is expected to continue to replace him in the starting game. Cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon (Ahkello Witherspoon) has a high probability of being activated to the big roster.

In addition, the Steelers also promoted defensive forward member Daniel Archibong and wide receiver Anthony Miller to the big list, and signed kicker Sam Sloman. To the training lineup.

Mustang renews contract with wide receiver Kirtland Sutton

After the bye week, the Mustang and a key member of the offensive team completed the contract renewal.

US time on Monday, according to ESPN reporters, the Mustang and wide receiver Courtland Sutton (Courtland Sutton) renewed their contract for four years, with a salary of $60.8 million.

Sutton was originally going to be a free agent after the end of the season. Now his new contract includes a security deposit of 34.9 million U.S. dollars, and 18 million U.S. dollars will be paid in the first year of the new contract.

The 26-year-old Sutton played only two games last season and was later reimbursed for a torn ACL in his knee. He returned strongly this season, and currently ranks first in the team in the number of passes (43) and the number of push yards (617). This is not the only wide receiver that the Mustangs have recently renewed. In the past weekend, they renewed their contract with Tim Patrick for three years.

Since March this year, the Mustangs have renewed contracts with safety guard Justin Simmons, defensive end Shelby Harris, Patrick, Sutton and others.